About the farm

Edas Sasnauskas

The farm was founded in 1989, Siauliai District, neighborhood of Gruzdziai. We had 14ha of land and were among the first farmers in Lithuania. We grew everything that could be grown: from grain, flax, rapeseed to cabbages, carrots and potatoes. Already then we used to plant about 2ha of potatoes, the part of seeds were bought from Meristema seed production farm.

In 2004, we applied the project Modernization of grain cultures supported by the European Union, the aim of which was to change from the old Russian equipment to new, modern technologies. We bought equipment for land cultivation, sowing, tending and crop harvesting.

In 2008, we applied the European Union project Modernization of seed potato growth and storage, and thus bought modern equipment for land cultivation, seeding, harvesting and storing of potatoes.

The farm expanded with the help of the family. In 2010 we already had 874ha of cultivated land, among them, 220ha of potatoes grown both for seed and food.

In 2011, the family land reached 1000ha. Everybody puts a hand to potato growing and tending the farm.

Our Aims:

  • In mean time to finish the modernization and automatization of potato storage facilities in order to reach maximum quality and productivity of seed potatoes.
  • Modernize the grain silo, as well as the processes of drying and cleaning grain.
  • Reconstruct the melioration in the farm fields.


2013 Edo Sasnausko Ūkis. Visos teisės saugomos
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