Potato planting, maintenance, harvesting and storage

Fertile sandy soil and loamy soil.
Not suitable: rocky, uneven, sodden soils, the best PH is 5.0-6.0.

Grows best at temperatures of 18-25C. Become frostbitten (if condition of -1.5-2.0C lasts for 5-6 hours). Average moist, during butonization-blossom phase a lot of  moist is necessary.

Winter grains: disk plowing and deep plowing of the stubble field in autumn.
Summer grains: disk plowing and deep plowing of the stubble field in autumn.
Potatoes can only be planted in the same field after 4-5 years. In spring, the field must be harrowed (to close the moist) and deep cultivated.

In autumn: 40-60t of well-rotted manure (it gives N150, P80, K200, but no more than N170).
Green fertilizers: radices, mustard, vetch and oat mix (N40, P20, K110). Clover aftermath N80, P20, K85 etc.
Certified mineral kalium fertilizers (kalium sulphate, kalium magnesium, kalium salt). During vegetation, growth catalysts and microelement fertilizers.

0-55 thousand of tubers per ha if grown for food
and 80 thousand of tubers – if grown for seed (3-5 t/ha)
-28/35 mm average 47 500 tubers/ha. 28 cm between stubs.
-35/50 mm average 41 500 tubers/ha. 32 cm between stubs.
-50/55 mm average 38 000 tubers/ha. 35cm between stubs.

The end of April-the beginning of May, when the soil temperature reaches 7-8 degrees Celsius. If the spuds are grown, the temperature can be 5 degrees Celsius.

Very early: Adora, Izora, Zukovskij ranij, Fresko, Venta, Volumia.
Early: Voke, Sante, Ausonia, Dietskoselskij, Vaiva, Goda.
Moderately early: Nida, Mirta, Sante, Cosmos, Escort.
Moderately late: Vilija, Vilnia, Raja, Sifra.
Late: Lasunok, Aistes, Appell.

Extinguishing weeds: disk plowing in autumn (1-2 times depending on the weed), crop and plant rotation so that they would diminish the weeds, deep plow with jointers in autumn, harrowing and hoeing in spring until the plants sprout. Hoeing 3-4 times and weeding are necessary from sprouting till blossom, and tending must be started at the higher reproduction sown areas.

Shaw must be cut down about 10-12 days before harvesting. The potatoes are harvested by using a harvester or potato harvesting machine. The harvested potatoes have to be dried a little.

Potatoes can be stored in warehouses, cellars, or earthed up heaps. The best storage is in warehouses with active ventilation. Potatoes are to be kept in granaries or containers.
Optimal temperature is 2-4C, and the average humidity level of 80-85%.